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I'm a UK-based collector of pop & rock music on TV & video, specializing mostly in artists from the 50s, 60s, 70s and early 80s. I've been collecting since 1981 & trading world-wide since 1985. Listed here are just some of my vast archives.

Many of the DVDs listed on this blog were compiled by myself: I always try to get the best quality material (many of my DVD compilations have been upgraded and/or extended several times). As well as the "greats", I also enjoy compiling / collecting DVDs on less obvious artists that most other collectors ignore.

I'm always looking for more footage or upgrades, so if you have a list get in touch via the email address above. Please note that (with a few exceptions) I do NOT generally collect interviews, documentaries or audience footage - just TV performances, promo videos, movie excerpts and professionally filmed concerts.

Sunday, 29 April 2012


I've been exchanging videos / cassettes / CDs / DVDs for around 30 years now, trading with 100's of people all over the world.  The vast majority of these traders have been wonderful, whether exchanging just one package or a great many over several decades  - indeed, I still trade with some of the same contacts I first knew in the mid '80s.  However, just once in a while I come into contact with a bad apple, and here's some of them:

ANGELO CASSOTTA of Burbank, California, USA
6 weeks previously I sent him a package of 6 DVDs (which he said he received), but after waiting over a month I hadn't received anything from him in exchange, so sent a polite email.  In the 2 weeks since then I've sent two more emails, but I've received NO replies and NO package!  So Angelo, congratulations on being the first on my Bad Traders List.

SCOTT PHILLIP KAIL of Palmdale, California, USA... who also had an address in BURBANK!   
Are these two people related / connected in any way? Any info appreciated!

I've traded several times with him, but never without problems.  Each time he's kept me waiting for months, promising to post things but not, and rarely answering emails (unless he wants something)... He also insists on large trades of 25 discs or more (I've offered him smaller trades of up to 10 discs in the hope that he'll respond more quickly but he always refuses).  He has currently owed me discs for several months, but since I told him I refuse to trade with him in future I doubt if I'll ever get them (fortunately I found most items on other collectors' lists).  I know of at least 3 other people who've had problems with him, so approach with extreme caution!


  1. He did the same thing to me at IOFFER trade

  2. I've heard that Angelo ripped someone else off for 10 dvds.
    I guess I was lucky of the 10 dvd trade I did with him he only ripped me off for one and even being ripped off for one was very upsetting.
    Yeah he's bad news.
    I've never heard of Scott Phillip Kail but it is curious that he has an address in Burbank too


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